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The Scanlon Consulting Group, led by Dave Scanlon has more than 30 years building and executing strategic marketing and communication plans for companies of all sizes.

For small, mid-sized and emerging companies, The Scanlon Consulting Group offers a cost-effective solution to its marketing and communication challenges with the experience and expertise of a global marketer.

The result: a better return on marketing dollars.

How are you spending your dollars? 

Develop a smart strategy & an effective plan to get the most out of marketing communications

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In order for marketing and communication plans to be successful, they must align with business and sales objectives. Building these plans takes a disciplined, proven process. The Scanlon Consulting Group ensures that marketing delivers and supports your business every day.

Our services include:


Strategic Marketing & Planning

Without a roadmap, where is your business going. Strategic Marketing and Planning provides the roadmap that is required to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive marketplace.

Strategic Messaging

Getting everyone in your organization on the same page is and knowing the “elevator pitch” is critical to your success. It also brings groups together and saves time and resources.

Integrated Communications Plans

Being consistent with communications across traditional and non-traditional marketing channels reinforces your message to your customers. It is also is a cost-effective way to market.

Budgeting & Allocation

How much is too much? How much is too little? How much is enough? Where should you spend your resources? All questions that need to be answered before you begin to execute your marketing program.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Your brand is more than your name and logo - it’s your reputation. What do your customers think of you? Are you selling what they need or are you selling what you think they need?

Messaging Workshops

Developing the right message for a potential new customer or a contract can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. An outside perspective can improve your odds at winning.

Campaign Development & Execution

The big idea can catapult your business to the next level. This is exactly what some organizations need. This takes strategy, experience and creativity.

Key Performance Measuring

Marketing should be viewed as an investment not an expense. In order to be an investment, key performance measurements need to be put in place and tracked. This is the best way to measure the return on your marketing dollars.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. The backbone of any plan. If you don’t fully understand them, you will never realize your true competitive advantage.

Customer Research

In today’s marketplace organizations need to be customer focused. When the last time you asked your customers what was important to them?

Training & Coaching

You have hard-working people who just need to be coached and mentored. Learning how to work smarter and execute the plans will help them become a better asset to your organization.

It all begins with strategy

There’s a discipline to great marketing

Why the

Scanlon Group

Many small, mid-sized and emerging companies view marketing and communications as an expense. They cannot afford to hire the full-time talent so they hire junior, inexperienced talent. The result is a lot of tactics that do not support the overall business strategy. A lot of wasted dollars.

These are questions you need to ask yourself.

  • Do your business, marketing and sales objectives align?
  • Is everyone at the company on the same page?
  • Can everyone recite the elevator pitch?
  • Does everyone know what you sell?
  • Does everyone know what the customer needs?
  • Does every new business proposal require a “new” company statement?

If you are a company that struggles to answer these questions, cannot communicate your value or what makes you unique versus your competitors, you are missing out on potential sales and revenue.
The Scanlon Consulting Group is a cost-effective solution to your marketing and communication challenges.

Our Experience

The Scanlon Consulting Group has extensive experience ranging from global brands to small, mid-sized and emerging organizations across multiple industries, including consumer products, telecommunications and technology, government service providers, and others in B2C, B2B, B2G, non-profits and associations.



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The Scanlon Consulting Group is a cost-effective solution to your marketing and communication challenges. Contact us today for a consultation.

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